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Developed a pioneering short-form video contest platform and social media app that provides equal opportunities for content creators to showcase their talent, regardless of their popularity or follower count.



Designed and developed a highly scalable edtech platform named Ekeeda, to provide uninterrupted learning experience to 1000s of future engineers to enhance their technical skills like never before.


Xpress Gourmet Pizza

The revenue of XpressPizza, one of the leading pizza chains in Australia, increased by 40% in just a few months due to our website development, SEO, and SMM services.

Xpress Gourmet Pizza


Created Cultivera B2B, a club of 3 different products (Cultivera Pro, Cultivera Market and Cultivera POS), to provide a seamless and unforgettable experience to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.



Designed enterprise healthcare software to automate operation theatres, overseeing equipment requirements and validating the Performance status of machines that will be used in surgery.

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Trust, Transparency, Integrity and Quality defines Virtual Coders, every stack holder of the company live our founding principles.

We believe in people with ambition and passion, we can learn everything else as we go. With unity in diversity among the remote teams, exceptional sense of User Experience and modern technologies at heart we team up with our clients to discover, define, design, develop and deliver best products and services.

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Since Inception, Virtual Coders began with a vision to develop human-centric, scalable applications and softwares. Now, our clients speak for us more than we do.

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Challenge potential hires with practical tests to uncover their coding expertise, logical thought process, problem-solving approach, and team compatibility.

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Making the right choice is simple with us. Secure your intellectual property with a signed NDA and a flexible contract, offering a straightforward monthly billing cycle.

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Crew Management
Crew Management

A Pilot and Crew Management App for the German Airline

SunCrew is created to help an Airline to manage Pilot and Crew member schedules, Training, Vacation and many more things. App was designed with core focus to most engaging user experience for end users.

Flight Booking
Flight Booking

A flight booking and seat services app for the German Airline

We have created custom yet intuitive UI/UX to stand out among the other booking apps out there. Client wanted most unique app to be designed and developed for their Airline.

Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages

EZFnB - A food and beverages delivery Application

This is app is designed and developed with very unique concept to deliver food and beverages to Theatres, Stadiums, Event Halls etc.App uses location and QR code system to identify delivery location and Seat of the user.