Promoting ACTUAL content creators who can make their marks with short-form videos

Topspot LLC Collaborated with us to create first of a kind short form video contest creating and voting social media app. Their key requirement was to create an app that is highly secured, easy to use and based on the unique algorithm that gives a fair chance to each and every content creator to highlight their talent, irrespective of their popularity and follower count.

Social Media
8 Months
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To make a short form video contest app, we come across many challenges. Some of the major challenges were

Outdated Technology

To plan robust and scalable technical infrastructure that is capable of handling substantial numbers of concurrent video uploads and has reliable video streaming capabilities

Poor UI

Planning a seamless video processing functionality with support for various video formats, sizes, and resolutions

High Maintenance Cost

Implementing effective content moderation tools and processes to ensure that all contest submissions comply with community guidelines

Manual Video Upload and Tracking

Protecting user data, ensuring secure transactions, and preventing unauthorized access to personal information

Solution Implemented

Solutions Implemented by us

Topspot is created with the strong belief that "Ordinary people can do extraordinary things" and everyone should get a fair chance to leave their imprints. With Topspot, users can create their own contest, can browse hundreds of contests in the blink of an eye, can take part in contests and even judge video entries from around the world and select a winner. To create an app that is safe, friendly and collaborative, our team has

Used upload handling techniques for quick upload and to handle network fluctuations or app closures so that partially uploaded videos can be resumed seamlessly once connectivity is restored

Integrated advanced compression and optimization methods to reduce file sizes without causing any impact on video quality. This ensures that videos load quickly and play smoothly across different devices and network conditions

Stored videos in cloud infrastructure to ensure scalability and reliability, allowing videos to be accessed quickly from anywhere in the world

Employed content moderation techniques to detect and filter out inappropriate or harmful content to make a safer environment for young users, including content that may not be suitable for children.

Implemented progressive loading techniques for a faster initial view of content while continuing to load higher-quality versions in the background

Team Size

Project Manager


Business Analyst


UI/UX Designer


Mobile Developer


Full Stack Developer


Quality Analyst


Devops Engineer




API Development

Mobile Application

Website Development

AWS Cloud Infrastructure


Mobile Application

Web Based Admin Panel


Tech Stack

Aws S3

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